My adventure in drag…………. it’s not what you’re thinking

15 Feb

So I was getting ready to back my car out of the garage last Friday on the way to work and then stopped to open the door and readjust my seatbelt or whatever – forgot the car was already in ‘REVERSE’ and stepped out – which meant my other foot came off the brake and my car took off backward.  My driver’s door pushed me along then it bent all the way backward when it hit the side of the garage door on the way out – and then I was dragged down the driveway for about 25-30 feet before my brain told me to “roll away” so as not to get my legs or body run over.  Car wound up across the street in the neighbor’s yard after it took out their brick lampost thingy and I wound up laying half on my driveway half in my yard freaked out and bleeding down both legs.

Lots happened in between then but I will fast-forward to my talking to the Medical Claims person at my auto-insurance company about the stitches I ended up getting that day. 

Lady :  “So, after looking at your description of the accident, I have to tell you that it’s State Law that we cannot cover any injuries that occurred while you were outside of the vehicle or in the process of getting into or out of your vehicle”

Me : “Umm… so you aren’t going to cover anything to do with the accident because I was being dragged down my driveway by the car instead of actively driving it?”

Lady : “I can only address the medical aspect – not the damage to your vehicle or property damage – and unfortunately your policy does not allow for injuries when you weren’t actually operating the vehicle”

Me : “OK – so the fact that I was half-way inside the vehicle when the accident occurred – until I managed to roll away for fear of being run over – means I wasn’t “operating” the vehicle?”

Lady : “Yes – I will have to check w/my supervisor and review this – so we will call you tomorrow and let you know what the official decision is……… but your health insurance should cover everything so either way you’ll be covered”.

Me : “Yeah, I think talking your supervisor would be the way to go here because this makes no sense to me and I can’t imagine my FULL COVERAGE policy wouldn’t cover this type of thing, as it was an “accident”. 


So………I talked to my family members and friends who all agreed this was ridiculous.  My brother in law actually works with a person who is an agent for this very same insurance company – who told him “unofficially” that the gal I talked to was wrong and that my policy definitely covered the accident and cited other cases where people were working on or outside of their vehicles at the time of an injury and had it covered.   I was pretty much expecting a call back to “correct” what she had told me – and my expectations were fulfilled when I got the call.  Here is the email I sent to my sister after the gal called me back………

_____ from (insurance company) just called to let me know that her supervisor called her supervisor and reviewed my claim and they were going to extend the $35,000 worth of medical coverage for my claim after all.  Yeah.  Because my Brother in Law was about to throw down the gauntlet and show them some big blond balls of fury if they didn’t change their minds.  Unleash the Allen Wrench (that’s his mexican wrestler name).
I was really nice to her and thanked her for calling – I did not say “That’s right bitch!  You have NO idea the rain of pain you would’ve been without an umbrella in……… in your suede boots with no scotchguard on them……….in a tank top……….with lots of aqua net in your big ass beehive – with non-waterproof mascara on and white pants that feel wet and it’s during your period but you can’t tell if its pain rain or period rain and don’t want to look………..” or something like that.


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