16 Feb


I totally want a jackalope – or maybe we should get one for Sheri (our boss)?  Would she cry because she’s an animal loving non-carnivore?  There are so many to choose from and they are all adorable.  Has our mutual love of the bloggess twisted our minds to the point where we think a jackalope would be an awesome present?  Have you seen Juanita the Weasel yet?  Either we need to start a BFF collection of taxidermy animals or we need to get out more……….  Can you think of anything better than a jackalope mounted on my office wall?  I can’t.

Possible names……

Paco the Jackalope
Flaco the Jackalope
Mack the Jackalope


As much as I love Minks, why waste our hard earned dollars on buying someone else a jackalope. Call me greedy. I think our already twisted minds where just open to awesome things.

I FUCKING LOVE JUANITA!! I was gonna ask you if you saw that. I’m gonna go with- start a taxidermy collect. Oooohh!! I have a great idea!! Once collected, we could have our own stop motion soap opera!

The only thing better than a jackalope on my office wall is a one on my office wall (preferably the black one) and one staring longingly out the window at the one perched in the tree.


Bonita Wood-alope (why yes she would if I looked like George Clooney-alope)

Canta- lope (heehee)



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