I’m gonna die young

26 Feb

Sitting on the couch watching T.V. with James:

James:”I’m gonna die young,,.”

He says this still watching T.V. His tone was completely serious and his faced was expressionless. Immediately I turned my head to look at him. Why was he thinking about his death? Should I be worried? A parent never want s to think about their children dying before them. Before I could say anything he says, still straight faced.

James: “…of pure awesomeness.”

I shake my head and start laughing. That is something my son would say.

James: ” I’m not gonna die of old age. No harm will come to my body. I won’t get sick. Oh no, I will exude so much awesomeness that my body won’t be able to contain it and it will just give out.”

I have to say my favorite thing about this was the straight face and seriousness he managed to sustain.




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