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11 May

1) Bluh

2) Eyeroll, groan, heavy sigh

3) Really? Do I have to act like I care?

4) If everyone forgot and I didn’t get at least a couple of presents I would be upset – but if those got mailed to me in brown boxes without cards or any fanfare associated with them that would be perfect.  Just a couple of “Hi, we didn’t forget your birthday” presents but we know you prefer to avoid the social interaction that goes along with the giving of gifts so that’s all you get.”  Then I could open them and say “Hey – neato – it’s a ______ for my birthday” and then email the person late with a “hey, thanks for the neato thing that was really nice of you” and then it’s over.  easy peasy.

5) No, I don’t want my office decorated of for anyone to sing to me or have others gather ’round to wish me a happy birhday.

6) No, I don’t want everyone in the office bugging me throughout the day with happy birthday wishes which in turn makes me respond with an “awww thanks” which then leads to me being questioned about any special plans I may have…………………    Which are to avoid birthday celebrations at all costs.